Thoughts: Piku(2015)

30 January,2022

Piku is one of my favourite film.I rarely watch mainstream hindi movies and should say that itis the only hindi movie that i have a copy of in my phone. I just carry it around, if i am having lunch at home i’ll just play it. The thing that amazes me about Piku is that it gets better every time. So whats so great about this movie? Well character and the perfect casting are the two major things that attract me apart from the briliant screenplay and the clear vision of the director.

There is absolutely nothing(things that will blow your mind away) happeining in Piku. Its just the everyday chaos of our lives. One of the reasons for this post even though not many people will see or even read this post is the under appreciation that i feel people have for this movie even thought people say its a good movie. It’s a brilliant movie. Yes its not an epic, it doesn’t have “psycho’s” or extreme weight loss by actors.It isnt historical, its a random few days in the lives of a couple of strangers and i dont want to beleive that this is just a movie. I dont beleive that the “actors” were “acting” in it. I have never been so amazed by performances.

Irrfan khan is, idk how he does it, it’s Rana Chowdhary i see. I dont see Irrfan trying to be funny, Rana is funny. He has this incredible charm, i still cant beleive he is acting. The rewatch count is in 20s or 30s yet i find something to love this character and actor even more. I find his performance in Piku better than Lunchbox. His dialogue delivery is just so good. One of my favoute scenes is when he first meets Bhaskor and after this weird conversation he asks what Bhaskors name is and replies “its Bhaskor. Bengali” and Rana replies with this a bit of sarcasm, “aaaah”. Its part of this charactre of Rana and i love these tiny details. There also this childish little run by Bhaskor when Rana walks out. I would not be able to stop talking about scenes that i love.

I never really found Deepika as an actor interesting. She does a lot of commercial movies, which people like. I dont enjoy them, so i rarely watch them. She surprised me because she is not dealing with two of the finest. One of my favourite scenes of deepika is the one with bangles and Bhaskor say “she has no sense of time”. Why i find it so good is her reply, she is in this state or trance or idk we all have that when we buy somthing we like, a child like fascination to a thing. Watching the bangles that she bought and she doesnt care, more like doesn’t want to care about what’s happening around. She was suprised by this and “pause” for a second and then she talk about marriage. That pause was absolutely beautiful! That scene still makes me smile because its a human reaction not a movie reaciton. I have seen a few of her later movies namely Padmavat and Ram Leela but its nowhere near this.d I love how independant, strong and intemidating her character is and the actor played it to perfection.

Piku is the first time i witnessed Amitabh Bachchan and i am happy that i saw him like this. I don’t see a superstar but an actor who is so good in his craft. Yes, i saw the karan johar movie as a kid but i didn’t know how big a thing back then. I watched it because i thought Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was great as a kid and loved SRK back then. Now, i can’t even stand it nor kabhi khushi kabhie gham although the latter is slightly better. On to the topic in hand, I “witnessed “ Amitabh bachchan in Piku. Thats the statement. Now i have seen him in pink, badla, sarkar, wazir, te3n, lakshya and hoping to see black etc. I dont really need to talk or praise him in any way. We know what this man can do.

Overall its a really well crafted, well written lives of few poeople i rewatch every now and then. If i were to give a rating(everyone thinks too much of ratings) i would give it a 9+ out of 10. I urge you to watch this movie and fall in love with the characters.